The Charity Game

The Charity Game returns! Earn money for your favorite cause! (But almost definitely not!)

Here's the deal. If I don't update this blog every day by midnight (eastern) with new content, and you are the first to point out my horrible transgression -- preferably in comments here, but gmail or Facebook are also acceptable -- then I will pay ten dollars to your fave charity.

This is invalid if I'm hospitalized, or the website goes down.

I don't plan on paying out any of this money. In fact, I've already built a buffer of over a week to avoid it, and my current schedule is more flexible than it was, so I feel like I can keep that buffer growing instead of shrinking.

But to hold your interest, there will be other prizes involved. I will mail by US post a green portrait of Alexander Hamilton, which the government has assured me is worth TEN DOLLARS in the legal tender of this nation, to the top two commentators at the end of every full month* -- one for most participation, and one for best comment in my personal judgment. This offer is also good internationally, if anybody out there im Ausland/外国に wants to collect some US scratch, either for utilitarian reasons or as a future collector's item in the event of national disaster.

*Meaning this starts at end of December, since I'm beginning last day of November.


You may recall that the previous version of this charity game had, it seemed only natural, a gift of charity for the top two commenters. But although I could never regret a donation to a noble cause like the American Civil Liberties Union, I'm getting really, really, REALLY tired of all the physical mail they send me, a mass large enough that it feels like they've wasted the entire previous donation on asking me for more donations. So for the awards, I will mail you personally a Hamilton, and you can write a check as you please to whatever cause you deem worthy. Or keep it yourself.

The amounts for top commenters have also been lowered. The original game was an experimental short-term engagement, but current plans are for this new version to run indefinitely. I reserve the right to end it at the conclusion of any given month, but I'm finally in a position where I not only have more time to work, but in which I'm supposed to be producing actual content. It seems simple enough to transfer the effort if my buffer ever runs out.


What counts as an update? A contentless post won't count. It will have to be something at least minimally substantive. I'm increasing the amount.

At least 1000 words of standard English

At least 1000 characters of code

At least five minutes of video

One drawing of reasonable effort

I'm potentially going to do some mixing and matching, which will allow me to supplement posts with LaTeX mathematical expressions. For example, 800 words describing 200 characters of mathematical code creating a LaTeX expression, or (less likely) one minute of video with 800 words of English.

In addition, a 2000 word post will allow me to skip the following day if I choose. But if I choose to post the next day anyway, that will mean I have forfeited the skipped day. This is a strict requirement of a full day's content: a slightly long post today does not allow a slightly short post the next day. If I write 1100 words today, I still require 1000 words tomorrow. It's only if I write 2000 words (or 3000 words, etc.) that I can skip the following day (or the following two days, etc.).

I'm unsure whether I will produce any videos or drawings. But I'm leaving the option open, just in case.

Sincere thanks to all who participate.

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